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We are not associated with any government agency and cannot guarantee eligibility nor monetary compensation from VA Programs. Federal law dictates that no one may charge a fee to help in the preparation, presentation or prosecution of a claim for VA benefits. Furthermore, only individuals who are accredited can be involved in the preparation, presentation, or prosecution of a claim for benefits.


We help veterans understand long term care benefits available through VA. This can include information on veterans health care, state veterans homes and veterans disability income benefits. We place particular emphasis on Pension and Death Pension because these benefits are typically more useful for the elderly needing long term care. Pension is also known as the "aid and attendance benefit".

We provide information about the aid and attendance benefit including what it is, who can qualify and what information and documentation are necessary in order to file a claim. Individuals who are accredited veterans service organization representatives can also assist claimants with the filing of a claim. For all other instances, veteran households seeking help with filing a claim are directed to an appropriate veterans service organization or to a state or county veteran service representative or, where appropriate, they are encouraged to file a claim on their own.

Be Aware that planning for the receipt of Aid and Attendance benefits, if not pursued properly, can result in a disqualification for other important governmental benefit programs when you need them most. For example, improper gifting of assets within 5 years of application for Medicaid benefits for long-term care could disqualify the veteran for such benefits. Therefore, it is extremely important to seek assistance from someone who will not only address potential qualification for Aid and Attendance benefits, but also the avoidance of unnecessary penalties, court procedures, unnecessary probates, and the protection of your assets for yourself, your spouse, and your children.

The individual(s) on this site are private practitioners or in some cases representatives of veterans service organizations and are not connected with the Department of Veterans Affairs.